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Call: Joint Call for Papers


Two joint workshops on the syntax of Uralic languages at the XII International Congress for Finno-Ugric Studies in Oulu, Finland, 17-21 August 2015.

We welcome contributions that either introduce the new data on the syntax of Uralic languages, or present a new theoretical analysis of the available data. The topics may include

- constituent order

- argument structure and the syntactic properties of core arguments

- interaction between word order and information structure

- differential object marking

- possessive suffixes as definiteness markers

- predication in Uralic

- subject agreement in non-finite constructions

- valence-changing processes

- anaphora

- language contact inside and outside of the Uralic language family

- syntactic change in Uralic Languages

Selected papers may be published in the journal Finno-Ugric Languages and Linguistics.

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Call: Call for Papers


Open Call

Finno-Ugric Languages and Linguistics solicits research papers in the form of full articles or short squibs,as well as reviews and conference reports.

syntax and morphology,
phonology and phonetics,
semantics and pragmatics,
from synchronic or diachronic perspectives.

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