Eesti keele süntaks (The Syntax of Estonian)

David Ogren


Eesti keele süntaks, edited by Mati Erelt and Helle Metslang, contains 23 articles written by scholars at the University of Tartu, collectively describing all areas of Estonian syntax. It is the largest description of Estonian syntax ever compiled. The volume is distinctively modern, relying heavily on recent studies and employing example sentences taken from various Estonian language corpora that were not available to the writers of previous Estonian reference grammars. It draws inspiration from older Estonian grammars as well as the comprehensive Finnish grammar Iso suomen kielioppi, but it makes numerous classification choices that differ from those made in its predecessors. The book is intended to aid in all kinds of activity related to the Estonian language, whether language instruction, language planning, or academic research. It is a welcome addition to the library of anyone studying the grammar of Estonian and/or related languages.

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